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About Us

Motorsport International is an entertainment, marketing and event management group that provides a comprehensive range of professional services in areas such as: Entertainment, Corporate Events, Automotive Industry Events and Motorsports Events.

Our Team includes some of Australia’s and Europe’s most experience professional stunt drivers. They have been part of the showground circuits in Australia and part of Walt Disney’s Extreme Stunt Shows. We can proudly say that our drivers are some of the best in the business.


We are a Swedish company and have operated all over the world in the last thirty years in countries such as: Malaysia, Scandinavia, U.K., Germany, Hong Kong Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc.

We have also worked with many multinational companies such as: Ford, GM, Nissan, Mazda, Renault, BAT, R.J. Reynolds, Coca Cola, Shell, Castrol, Nokia, LG, Good Year, Bridgestone and many more.

We have now opened an office in Malaysia in order to be near the fastest growing market in the world.

Our precision driving division provides specialist advance driving and event management services for Motor Shows, Motor Events, Automotive Industries Product Launches, Vehicle and Component Testing, Tire Testing, Stunt Driving Instructors and Event Co-Coordinators.   

Road safety is of outmost importance to us. We have worked with many Police Forces, Automobile Associations and other safety bodies to promote road safety. 

Motorsport International has an outstanding record of success over many years of creating, managing and promoting a wide range of events. Whether it is a one-off event or a series of events we have expertise and experience to assist you on an ad-hoc basis and to provide a comprehensive management service.

For more information, please contact Steve Ericson

Mobile: 011-21485080

Office: 04-7270197


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