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Precision Driving

Live precision driving for motor shows and sponsored events which can be performed both indoor and outdoor.

We have the pleasure of introduce a number of new acts never seen in Asia before and also a little bit of Hollywood film action.

Our professional stunt and precision drivers have performed for millions of people around the world. From show grounds in Australia and New Zealand to Disney’s Extreme Stunt Shows. Motor Shows, Motor Events and Big Stadium Shows.

The team conducts series of jaw dropping high and low speed maneuvers that require split second timing and precision driving.

Performances can include:

  • Two-wheel driving James Bond style.

  • High speed crossovers.

  • Formation driving.

  • Ramp to ramp jumping.

  • Burnouts.

  • Reverse spin (spin from reverse to forward between two cars at 45mph)

  • Hand brake parking (spin from forward to reverse between two cars)

  • Parallel parking (handbrake turn into a gap of two parked cars)

We have broken the Guinness World Record before, and we can try to achieve a new record at your event.

Fire acts with pyrotechnics and the human torch.

Free fall from the sky of up to eight meters.

The team’s presentations capture the attention of people of all ages and diversity of interest providing world quality entertainment.

The team is a proven crowd pleaser therefore increased attendance at your event is guaranteed.

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